The quality of the response, which brings a claimant to their insurer in the event of an accident, is the determining factor for building customer loyalty.

We created the iWE platform to offer a strong advantage (allowing all parties to collaborate on the same file, recovery and notification system while saving time).


Quality = Fast

Time to optimise claim settlements

Quality = Proximity

Stay permanently informed about the file's progress

Quality = Transparency

Exchange quickly with the insurer or their delegation




They trust us

Share and collaborate online

iWE breaks barriers by favouring and developing the sharing of knowledge between different parties. The exchanges flow between the individual (I iWE) and third parties concerned (we iWE).

The customer is at the heart of the system

iWE improves productivity in processing policyholders' compensation claims. The collaborative platform is fully accessible and the compensation process is accelerated thanks to our aim of optimising the compensation route.

Secure environment

iWE is a Cloud-based platform housed in the European Union. The right to access information is specific to every user. It is possible to personalise access to documents for each of the parties.

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22 December 2016

It is time to optimise claim settlements.  


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19 December 2016

The evolution of technologies over the last decade has overwhelmed us under an exponential profusion of communication channels. Not so long ago, the control of contents and information circuits was considered has a must have to secure the smooth running of a company. But this is definitely the past. Today, everything, information as rumor, circulates […]


Claims management tomorrow cornerstone of loyalty of the insured

10 October 2016

Until today, change insurer was a rare event, often triggered by a very attractive price offer. This change is sometimes regretted then (less coverage, higher premiums in the second year). With the development of insurance comparators that provide a comprehensive view of the compromise coverage / premium, the situation changes. Other criteria appear to assess insurance, especially the quality of the claims handling process.


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