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iWE is a fast growing start-up specialized in building Advanced Case management (ACM) collaborative platform in the Cloud, enabling new kind of Business Applications and working mainly in the Insurance sector. We are currently seeking several internship candidates (Data Science, Web) who are stimulated by the opportunity to be a part of a fast growing development lab located in Sophia-Antipolis, with an unique mix of world class software development practices and cutting-edge technologies: ReactJS, AngularJS, Node.js, MongoDB.

Internship subjects:

1. Multimedia – Video chat client

As an ACM collaborative platform, one of iWE’s most important strengths are their collaborative features, allowing to speed up the claim management process and improve user experience. A Video Chat client is key feature for the improvement of this user experience and reduce delays.

Internship objectives:

  • Study   and   understand   Twilio   APIs   and   analyse   how   to   use   them   in   iWE   to   provide private and   group   chat,   video   support,   presence   and   typing   detection.
  • Implement   a   Proof-of-Concept   video   chat   client   in   iWE.
  • Study   how   to   detect   user   presence   and   availability   to   optimally   route   video   calls.
  • Implement   a   Video   Chat   client   allowing   to   route   video   calls   automatically   using   presence detection.

Twilio APIs (webRTC).

Desired Skills and experience
● Passion for coding
● Autonomous
● Curiousness and motivation

2. Data Science – Data Analytics & Aggregation Dashboard

iWE, as an Advance Claim Management platform, handles a lot of data. Clients using iWE expect the platform to produce indicators allowing them to monitor and pilot their business activity. The purpose of this internship will be to analyze and extract these indicators from production data and make them available to be processed by reporting tools. The scope also covers the implementation of a Data Aggregation Dashboard for indicator visualization, trend detection, business performance data extraction, etc.


Internship objectives:

  • Understand   analytics   requirements   of   the   iWE   platform.
  • Study   implementation   alternatives   for   working   with   generic   data.
  • Produce   a   working   prototype   of   producing   indicators   from   production   data.
  • Research   about   different   possibilities   both   in   open-source   community   or   commercial solutions   for   Business   Intelligence   (BI)   tools   implementations.
  • Study   how   to   implement   a   BI   Data   Aggregation   Dashboard   in   iWE,   evaluating   commercial options   and   implementation   alternatives.
  • Study,   design   and   implement   a   Proof-of-Concept   of   the   Data   Aggregation   Dashboard   in iWE   using   commercial   options   or   implementing   our   own   tools.

Technologies/Challenges :

  • Data processing languages
  • Databases
  • Big data
  • Data modelling
  • MongoDB aggregation framework
  • Business Intelligence Dashboard tools

Desired Skills and experience:

  • Statistics   and   data   visualization.
  • Multi-dimensional   analysis.
  • Understanding   of   database   /   data   processing   concepts.
  • Abstraction   capacities.
  • Coding   in   multiple   languages,   SQL.
  • Autonomous   and   passionate   in   programming.

3. AI – ChatBot

Investigate and prototype how to implement a ChatBot to ease communication between the general public users and the platform. This ChatBot would allow to enhance the user experience and would automate some repetitive tasks:

  • Case declaration survey
  • Case status information
  • Simple updates (meeting updates, etc).

Internship objectives:

  • Research   about   different   possibilities   both   in   open-source   community   or   commercial solutions   for   ChatBot   implementations   and   APIs.
  • Study   and   design   how   to   plug   a   ChatBot   in   iWE   and   evaluate   what   are   the   most   interesting actions   to   replace   by   the   ChatBot.
  • Implement   a   Proof-of-Concept   of   a   ChatBot   in   iWE.

Technologies/Challenges :

  • ChatBot technologies, natural language, machine learning.

Desired Skills and experience:

  • Passion   for   coding.
  • Understanding   of   machine   learning   principles   and   conversational   agents.
  • Autonomous.

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