Our claims management solution

Insurers, brokers, loss adjusters and TPA, insured parties (companies) and service providers

iWE provides the perfect solution for all these roles, increasing efficiency in business operations, offering innovative services and a new digital experience to their customers and partners.

claims and insurance contracts managed

Our customers choose iWE to manage their claim activity and with it they are able to:


Improve performance

by significantly reducing downtime by means of collaborative working

Offer their customers

an innovative and transparent claim experience


quality and resolution times

Initiate a continuous improvement cycle

thanks to the flexible nature of the platform

7 case studies in the insurance sector


The broker

A broker wants to offer his key account clients a value added service in the form of a claims management solution (claim logging, follow-up, statistics). The broker uses the iWE platform to manage all his claims and can invite his clients to use the platform to share claim files and communicate more easily.


The manager

iWE is used by a manager whose role is to handle unpaid rent claims. All the relevant relationships are modelled in iWE: credit analysis, accounts between owner and tenant (unpaid), between owner and insurer (claims), between tenant and insurer (collection). Specific amicable and contentious collection processes are implemented to increase performance and enable effective management of these activities. The platform will soon be interfaced with a payment solution. Tenants, landlords, property managers, lawyers, and bailiffs can access the platform and work together to process cases.


The insurer

A leading insurer uses the iWE platform as a resource allocation hub, enabling it to distribute a DAB assignment workflow to a number of firms. The files are transmitted to the platform via the DARVA EDI and assigned in the platform to the various firms according to the criteria set by the insurer. The loss adjusters enter their reports on the platform which automatically forwards them to the insurer via DARVA. This reduces processing time for firms and the insurer is able to offer a consistent response no matter which firm handles the claim.


The risk manager

An insurer wants to offer its key insurance account clients an incident and claims management solution that can be used at many of the insured company’s sites and which will allow the centralised Risk Management unit to manage incident handling in conjunction with the insurer and the broker.


The PIP implants case

The PIP case required management of a very large number of public liability claims for personal injury on behalf of Allianz for PIP (a manufacturer of defective breast implants). The iWE platform was deployed in just 1 month to collect and process over 5000 claims directly entered by third parties. All claims were settled within 10 weeks.


Damage to property

100% Digital Property Damage Claims Management: The iWe platform available to a firm’s employees enables them to manage all internal business processes and collect all the information required for claims processing on site, so reducing processing times and optimising the resources assigned.


Cyber incidents

The iWE platform was implemented for a consulting firm specialising in cyber incident handling. Incidents are recorded and categorised in the platform. The head of IT for the company affected by the cyber incident is given a login to the platform. He or she can then check what remedial actions they have been advised to take and send information easily and in real time to the consultants in charge of resolving the incident.

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