All features at a glance

Enable your team to work collaboratively using shared data and processes


Centralisation and data security

  • Describe the data needed to manage your business
  • Build data creation and lookup forms
  • Secure data by controlling access


Contact Management

  • Set up the organisation, employees and their roles
  • Enter details of a contact
  • Log your interactions with organisations and contacts


Document management

  • Import documents: Drag and drop, from an email, or from another feed
  • View case documents
  • Generate documents using case data
  • Label documents based on your own specific requirements
  • Organise documents by attributing descriptions
  • Enable signing of multi-participant documents



  • Multi channel and cross channel: Email, sms, mail, voice, chat and business EDI
  • Direct communication via the platform for users invited to participate
  • Templates for all types of communications
  • Automatic classification of responses on the platform


Management process and SLA

  • Describe your business processes: Activities, tasks and milestones
  • Track Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Create wizards, linked to tasks, prompt and check input
  • Manage activity: View workload and assign tasks


Collaborative working

  • Set key roles for cases and associated access rights
  • Invite external participants to work on tasks
  • Create co-working interfaces tailored to each use
  • Set internal and external rights to invitation to shared access
  • Set notifications for each role
  • iWE Platform interconnection: Data sharing and shared processes


Management and statistics

  • Design a tailored dashboard for each role
  • Create pivot tables for data analysis
  • Query and filter data
  • Extract data



  • Connect a third-party calendar (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc.) for each user
  • Synchronise third-party calendars with iWE


Resource Allocation

  • Define the skills and strengths of your staff
  • Identify suitable and available staff for each case
  • Geographically locate the requirement, your client and available resources
  • Calculate distances and travel times
  • Assign staff to cases


Work planning

  • Schedule tasks, appointments and actions
  • Compare multiple calendars
  • Re-plan and assign tasks depending on workloads


Financial Management

  • Create invoices, collection or disbursement slips.
  • Use data from cases to generate accounting documents
  • Financial reporting integrated in the platform and customisable for the user profile

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